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Get instant access to the Slack-based mastermind community, a monthly 2 hour group hot-seat session, dedicated office hours with Jo & Amy 3 times a week & instant access to the foundational modules.


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You're about to get first-class access to...

These copywriters refused to let opportunity pass them by...

"10xFC helped me increase my income $41K more than it was last year at this time." - Jesse Gernigin

"After implementing just a few of Joanna’s authority-building strategies, I attracted better leads and opportunities. A popular life coach — lauded by Oprah, Tony Robbins, and Arianna Huffington — even slid into my DMs to book a call with me. No biggie." - Chanteuse Marie

"I tripled my billings before I completed the course and my business has continued to grow exponentially. A benefit to 10xFC that you won't see listed on a sales page is the caliber of students Joanna attracts. The copywriters in the course were serious about their craft and I found tremendous value in the fresh ideas and feedback they offered." - Betsy Muse

"I’ve gotten to a place where when newbie freelance copywriters (which sounds silly for 8-months-old me to say) ask me how to grow their business, all I want to say is “buy 10x Freelance Copywriter” it will change everything." - Katie Thies

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